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The liberating and constructive power of “I can”

I don’t choose the events that happen to me, but I can influence the response I give them.

Ah the constraint! Our environment brings us its share of constraints. These new elements that we do not control. On the other hand, we do have control over how we react.

About e-coaching

Is e-coaching as effective as face-to-face coaching? The link created in Visio between the coach and his client is as powerful as the one created in person. All Dream&Go coaches are trained in e-coaching (e-coaching label). The use of Visio allows visual and auditory contact, which is essential for the smooth running of the[…]

Fan of good resolutions?

Which category do you fall into? Those who write their list of good resolutions every year, or those who say “it’s no use, I won’t keep it” or rather those who think it’s good for others but not for them… Whatever your category, after reading this article you will see resolutions differently. And here’s why, in 3 points…

Webinar “Expat living: a special and challenging time ” 

Expatriation is a big challenge. What kind of challenge is it for you? How do you want to benefit from your experience? What will you experience?
Knowing what motivates our expatriation is a good starting point to transcend the experience, and choose rather than suffer.
Are you an expatriate who wants to live an immersive experience (average reason expressed by expatriates)? Or an expatriate-follower? Or, 3rd category, an expatriate who wants to test your ability to adapt? 
To know more, don’t miss this replay of last week’s webinar in which I was invited by Berlitz Sweden and Stef Gibbs  : “Expat living: a special and challenging time ” 

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