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As a manager, project leader, executive or HR manager, you want to support the development of your talents in an international and multicultural context, but also to mobilise strengths and collective dynamics.
We support you in individual and collective transformations in order to develop commitment, value creation and collective power.

Developing talent

Supporting the development of employees at key moments and projects is a win-win investment. That ensures that they are given the means to succeed personally and for the good of the company.
Focusing individual development on talent allows each person to develop their strengths and invest them in the best possible way. When you know that using your talents brings joy and pleasure, why deprive yourself of such energy and satisfaction boosters!

Preparing for international mobility and career

Any change has impacts. In the case of mobility, the challenge of a change of position, uprooting, the impact on the family and integration into a new cultural environment are added. A diagnosis followed by a personalised action plan enables the employee to be better prepared and maximises success and adaptation.

Managing with different cultures 

The impact of the manager on his or her team and more broadly on the company is sufficiently important to take into consideration the impact of a new cultural or multi-cultural environment as a key success factor.
Intercultural management is a real asset if one is aware of the skills and behaviours to be taken into account and adapted.

Building a unique team

An organisation, a team, is a living and unique organism. By being aware of the particular colour of your team, a mixture of each individual colour, you can set it in motion and develop it for the benefit of individual and collective issues! This could also be translated into the art of building a beautiful, solid and sunny road to success.

Bringing together and achieving a common goal

A team is an entity made up of individuals who will react differently depending on the scenario proposed to them. The manager, like a director, will obtain different results from each individual depending on the way he or she manages them: to bring them together around a project, a common direction where each individual will find his or her place and will be able to evolve through and for this common project.

Developing leadership in teams

Who doesn’t dream of working with motivated, committed people who are able to question themselves, evolve and challenge the status quo in a constructive and virtuous way?
Leadership development starts with a willingness – to empower, to engage and to generate positive results – and a managerial commitment to apply these principles of leadership to align the mindset and subsequent behaviours in teams.

Developing a servant leadership key in infusion of the growth mindset

Shifting the management culture towards servant leadership means giving everyone the opportunity to develop and use their talents in a healthy and safe environment based on respect, trust, direct communication and creativity.
The result: shared ambitions, pro-activity, commitment and motivation for the benefit of each individual, the group and the organisation’s objectives. Beyond words, in practice it is about combining mindset, behaviour and skills.
With this mindset you can then go to step 2 : infuse at all the levels of the organisation to develop a growth mindset and more agile and effective organisation.

Managing with emotional intelligence

Behind the term “emotional intelligence” are the skills and behaviours to be well with oneself and with others in one’s work. “Good’ here means

  • adapting one’s relationships and behaviour naturally,
  • being aware of what our behaviour conveys and generates in others.
    It is also about modes of communication and emotional management.

Managing in uncertainty by developing resilience

Change is life. And yet it is not natural. Neuroscience can now explain this. How do we experience change? What stress does it generate? What impact does this stress have on our way of working and managing?
Thus, developing one’s own resilience and that of one’s teams becomes a matter of results and well-being.
Virtual reality and neuroscience offer very sophisticated diagnostic tools* that I use in this type of coaching.
* tool developped by my partner , the French startup OpenMind®

“Karine gave me the opportunity to take a step back from my professional expectations. Through her kindness and attention, she allowed me to distance myself from my prejudices and fears and finally listen to that little voice that had been telling me for a long time what I wanted to do.

— Marie in Oslo —

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