Career and Job Expat Coaching


Your desire or your life leads you to work in a new host country or with people from several cultures.
To succeed in this new context, local or international, you will need to adapt your mindset, your communication, to deploy new skills, to adapt your project and to manage interculturality.
The situation of the follower spouse is also key to the success of the expatriation.
As an expatriate in Sweden and Switzerland, I am particularly familiar with these two markets and cultures and the challenges of interculturality.

Preparing for departure or return

The change in geographical location, culture and professional context is bound to have an impact. Accepting this reality is a good first step towards anticipating and managing change!

Find a job or have a professional project in your new host country

Some people arrive in a new country without a job: it is then a question of having a realistic, motivating project and an effective action plan adapted to the country in order to transform the trial. Career and job coaching are the keys to success.

Building a backpack career plan

For “serial expatriates”, it may be wise to think about a transportable career: transferable skills, thinking about a professional mission with adaptable contours while respecting your desires and needs.

Developing cross-cultural skills

Working with people from other cultures is often a challenge and with some cultures more than others… Taking stock of one’s intercultural competences allows one to become aware of and remove the obstacles of multiculturalism and to be enriched by inteculturality.

Job and career coaching in Sweden or Switzerland

As an expatriate in Sweden and Switzerland, I am particularly familiar with these markets and cultures.
– Job coaching is completely focused on job search: positiionning, strategy, pitch, CV, cover letter, interview preparation, networking…
– Career coaching allows you to define and adapt your project to the country and can include job coaching.

Building a career without borders

In careers, the choice to go international is made and building an international career adds a special dimension to career coaching.

“Karine followed me during a coaching course in relation to the obstacles I had on a professional project. Today I can say that her kindness, her patience, her empathy and her availability have enabled me to overcome these obstacles, and that the path we have set up is bearing fruit not only on the specific project we worked on, but also in many other aspects of my life.

— Alix in Milan —

Let’s make something beautiful together!

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