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Many situations lead us to reflect and act on our work, our approach to our role, our mission, our management in the current position or our next step.

Some changes, whether desired or undergone, bring new challenges: moving from salaried employment to entrepreneurship, becoming a manager, managing change, facing new contexts or challenges, changing direction, deciding to work abroad, etc.

Making a decision about your professional future

There are times when you are faced with a choice to make, a choice whose impact will not be trivial. Understand the stakes, take the measure of the impacts, endorse your decision and communicate it, if the doubts and hesitations are too heavy, get guidance.

Making a success of a key event or process

Successfully searching for a job, a key interview, developing and communicating your vision, your professional argument … so many key elements in your professional life with important stakes that are worth being prepared. On these objectives, a few coaching sessions can make the difference.

Developing professional leadership and self-confidence

Taking the measure of the impact that one wishes to have for oneself and for others, whether one is a manager or not, is a source of satisfaction, fulfilment and success. Behind this perhaps overused word “leadership” lies above all a source of well-being and motivation and an opportunity to develop confidence and self-awareness.

Do a professional assessment to succeed in your next step

We don’t always take the time to take stock. Yet the benefits are numerous. A review allows us to discover our talents, our achievements, our aspirations and our motivation too. This is the key to a successful next step, whether it involves negotiating internal or external mobility or retraining.
NB: I can propose you to do this assessment in the form of a “skills assessment” in CPF if you are eligible.

Building your professional project

At the beginning of our career, in the middle, or at the end, there are key moments in our lives when we feel the need to build our professional project and choose the direction and means to get there.
Sometimes it is a change that leads us to this reflection.
But in the end it is mainly the desire for clarity, success and satisfaction that is at stake.

Making a success of your life as an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur, you are thinking about it or you have already taken the plunge… Entrepreneurship is a complete adventure that evolves with each stage of development of your business. Being your own boss has many advantages but also requires multiple skills and abilities. Being clear about one’s resources, strengths, strategy and objectives, as well as the ability to make choices and trade-offs, are essential to be stronger and take the helm.

Karine such a great coach …with a big heart. She drives you to go out from your comfort zone, trust in your capabilities and understand that your wishes can come true. Thank you so much for your dedication, professionalism and care.”

— Maureen, Regional Training Manager —

Let’s do something together!

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