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Karine Fabiani-Lugez,
Professional Coach and founder of
Dream&Go coaching and training

Passionate about human behaviour, I am fascinated by the capacity of human beings to evolve, to reinvent themselves but also to ignore their potential.
Life is punctuated by what we see as obstacles. At other times, important issues arise and we don’t want to fail. And many changes in our lives require us to adapt and take action.
As a certified professional coach, I accompany all those who want to be the actor of their professional life, those who want to design a career as unique as they are, those who want to develop the leader in them. And this whatever the stage they are at and whatever challenges they face.
I guide my clients with kindness, following their rhythm, without judgement. You will find in me a partner who is always listening and concerned about your well-being.
These ethics and values are shared by the partner coaches who work with me.

“Man has circled the Earth, explored, climbed, dived, dug, explored the Moon and the sky in search of something that lies … within him.” 

Extract from a Hindu legend

My Philosophy

It is after having been accompanied myself that I decided to accompany in my turn, eager to allow others to live beneficial transformations.

Words and our actions reveal us. By knowing oneself better, by relying on one’s strengths, dreams and desires, each person can give the term “actor of one’s life” a colour, an incredible and unique flavour: one’s own!

The aim of coaching is to help everyone find their own solutions and to exploit their potential and resources.  

Openness to oneself and to others, acceptance and courage are essential ingredients in the process that leads to oneself and the achievement of one’s projects.

My madeleine de Proust: to attend the precious triggers that open the way to transformation, energy and fulfilment.

Positive psychology and NLP, which feed my practice, allow us to discover our resources and unsuspected capacities, while developing our psychological and emotional well-being.

Trust, honesty, listening and benevolence, central values in my life, are at the heart of my coaching because they are key to the appearance of possibilities and the development of leadership.

The Support

Trained in the International Coaching Federation (ICF) coaching process, I complement this process with tools and techniques from psychology and neuroscience.

My life and my experiences have also led me to invest in the field of multi-culturalism, its functioning and the personal and relational impacts.

I accompany individuals and companies in their transformation through a structured approach, based on the art of questioning specific to coaching and enhanced with tools.

Acting as a partner-supporter, my support is always personalised and agile.

My goal is to guide each person in the discovery of their capacities, their “meaning”, and in the implementation of a positive and learning process, in the service of individual and collective professional development.
Because we can all be improved, I regularly train myself in new practices and am also regularly coached, just like the other Dream&Go partner coaches.

These partner coaches are also certified professional coaches. We share the same values and high ethical standards. Our backgrounds and expertise complement each other in both individual and team coaching.

Bio express

  • Certified Professional Coach, ICI Coach, ICF:
    – invidual coaching missions : leadership, management, change
    – accompaniment (coaching, training and advice) in transformation projects
    – collective programs to boost expatriates professional projects and employability
    – online conferences and workshops
  • 20 year-experience in companies :
    – sectors: pharmaceutical industry, banking-insurance, electronic banking, IT consulting and services, consular bodies, media, associations
    – transversal functions; Communication and Training&Development HR
  • Diploma, certifications, training :
    – Master Coach, ICI Genève
    – NPL Bases et Énéagramme, Paul Pyronnet Institut
    – Intercultural Leadership, COF certification, Philippe Rosinsky Academy
    – Skills assessment, MHD Formation
    -Mapping Resilience -Stress mangament Openmind®
    – Master in Communication, Celsa-Sorbonne
  • Volunteer commitments :
    > creation and animation of the support programme for French-speakers leaders of professional projects in Sweden, with Stockholm Accueil
    > member of the team Career Events Alumni Celsa and ambassador of Alumni Celsa Suisse
  • Partners : Zurich Accueil, The Newbie Guide to Sweden, Berlitz, Chambre de Commerce France en Suède, Chambre de Commerce France en Suisse, The Roll,
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